sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

The Faction es una de las bandas que acompaño el movimiento skater-hardcore-punk de mediado de los 80s,pero esta tiene un condimento especial,el guitarrista/bajista es el gran Steve caballero,uno de lo que se podria desir "mis skaters favoritos"...The Faction-Skate and destroy.
Forget the light, skate and destroy
Pass the jogger, skate and destroy
Snap it back, skate and destroy
Kick that bike, skate and destroy
It's not a cause or political belief, it's something in my thinking
If you agree it's cool by me, at least I'm not a robot
I'm not afraid of things I read, I won't divide my friends up
Dictatorship of people's minds is not what I will strive for
The cops are coming after me, their sons are BMXers
They always try to stop me but urethane is faster than boots
You may be in a parking lot throwing up your contents
So what who cares I know I don't
Be a hood, don't be good.

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